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Careers in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry
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Professional Discussions, Networking, Information Sharing
Welcome to Pharma & Biotech Jobs! This community was created for people to share their job searching experiences with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as to promote discussions and information sharing on most recent hot jobs postings. It's OK to talk about tough interviews, nasty managers or other pitfalls that can expect any job seeking professional, but please be constructive with your criticism. This community is not limited only to discussions about careers in science, it also covers QC/QA, regulatory, clinical, patents/law, marketing, sales, business development/strategic planning, consulting, IT, HR, account and media management but only within biotech and pharmaceutical industry. And yes we know that internet is full of careers search sites and forums, including LinkedIn, but let me tell you since you are here it means you are an LJ user, and so are we. So it is much easier for us to discuss it here in LJ than to search elsewhere.

Community rules and posting guidelines:

1) Posts must be related to the topic of the community
2) Posts will be moderated before they are posted.
3) Do not post news stories or editorials by themselves. This is a discussion forum, not a newsreel, so make sure you write your opinion about posted material.
4) If you are referring to any information on the net please use links so that people who are interested can go out there and discover more
5) Absolutely never ever disable or delete comments or posts. That is a job for the MODERATORS ONLY! This is considered a banning offense.
6) Please try to communicate in professional respectful manner. By using any inappropriate discussion styles like flaming, unwarranted insults, or use of faul language you are compromising your professional standing and credibility.
7) Use LJ-cut for any posts with lots of graphics or text
8) Tag all posts. You may add tags, but these may be changed based on the moderators' discretion. In order for a post to be approved, it must be tagged.
9) It is OK to use Russian or English to make posts or comments

Moderators: busy_bee_l , kushka & yelya

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