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(ау, есть тут кто?) моя группа в Inova Fairfax Hospital (Falls Church, VA) ищет биостатистика, который будет считать всякое для клинического ресерча (лаб.данные, популяционные, биллинговые типа Медикера) и писать/помогать писать об этом статьи. Гранты писать не надо, деньги жесткие. Формальное требование мастер + 5 лет релевантного опыта + знание SAS хоть сколько-то. Неформальное - уметь(!!!) по тому, что посчитал, писать статьи в стандартном научном формате, поэтому предпочтение ПхД.
Шеф - замечательный, обстановка комфортная и дружественная к work-life и прочим балансам. Организация сверх-квотная для H1b, визы спонсорить умеет.
Резюме шлите на позицию #26903BR на сайте госпиталя.

translation job

Если модераторы сочтут пост неприемлемым, удалю.
Ищу подработку в качестве переводчика статей или книг с биологическим уклоном с английского на русский или наоборот. Вдруг кому-нибудь подобное нужно. Именно подработку, так что даже небольшая загруженность будет идеальна. PhD в биологии, поэтому это могут быть как научно- популярные переводы, так и сложные статьи.
ник yahoo.com почты poetry29

To FACS specialists

Can anyone recommend good FACS training (especially in the area of multicolor compensation)?



 For everybody who works for biotech industry I would recommend to subscribe to Fierce Biotech http://www.fiercebiotech.com/ if you are not subscribing to it already.  It's free of charge by the way. It’s a good source of any and every piece of news in biotech industry worldwide: mergers/acquisitions, job cuts, job advertisements, conference announcements, events, seminars, new areas of research, new trends and etc.
Pharma Karma Club (a networking club for professionals in Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals/Biotech Industry in Tri-State area) is currently planning a networking event in NYC in collaboration with NYAS. They are thinking that a panel on careers in industry would be a nice kickoff event. This event will feature 5-6 speakers who have put their science PhDs and postdoc experiences to use outside of academia. The panelists will talk about their career paths, current roles and responsibilities. The panel will ideally include representation from a broad range of industry roles: scientists, clinical trials specialists, patent agents, business development/regulatory affairs experts, biotech equity research, etc. The event should take place on 10/27. Speakers submission deadline is 08/20/10. NYAS is a very nice place right in Barkley building near ground zero. If anyone is interested to present or need more information about it please let me know and I put you in touch with the right people.

Aug. 6th, 2010

There is a four months assignment available for the microbiologist with a microbial cloning experience with a small biotech company in Central NJ. This job  might become permanent. Position might be of interest not just for seasoned professionals but for graduate students or postdocs who live in that area as well.


Aug. 6th, 2010

Doеs anybody know anything about FDA regulations for protein A contents for monoclonal antibodies (mAb) production?
What are the current FDA regulations & guidlines for mAb manufacturing and purification?
Answers like "go search FDA site" are not acceptable, there are tons of regulations, guidlines and references there, hell knows which are exactly relevant to my questions. However if you know exactly the link to the FDA information that is relevant to me, then please share it with me. If you personaly don't have any knowledge of the subject, but know somebody who does, I would appreciate if you help me to get in touch with this person.
Уважаемые коллеги,
Есть ли среди присутствующих люди работающие в market research, business development, competitive intelligence и на тому подобных поприщах, а также в consulting (pharma/biotech)? Давайте устроим дележку опытом? :)

Пользуясь случаем, представлюсь; а то intro post сместился куда-то в далекое прошлое.
MD->PhD->Postdoc->a little bit of tech transfer->pharma market research (и пока нравится :)
Живу в Бостоне, подумываю о смене работодателя.


Does anybody have any information about what kind of grants are available for small biotech start-ups? Is anything there available as a part of government stimulus-package for small biotech companies? Any information sources? For any smart Alecs out there yes I’m well aware of such  wonderful thing as Google, however I’m more interested in people’s personal experiences and impressions. Even if you didn’t have to deal with that personally but a friend or friend of a friend was dealing with that, that still counts, share it with me here please.

Electronic notebooks

I was wondering if anyone has experience with using electronic notebooks? My company is looking into potentially switching to electronic notebooks, but we have nobody here who has used them before, and no information that would help us choose a particular brand. How are lab notes done at your company?

Please, help! :)